How WebOps Makes Drupal an Integral Part of Your Martech Strategy

Keynote; Lounge - 2nd Floor @ 11:40-12:20 PM


Drupal is often described as an open DXP or a composable CMS, allowing the design of a personalized tech stack. While Drupal’s flexibility and modularity make it an ideal solution for many organizations, it’s not always clear what the rest of a digital platform should look like. Selecting and integrating the right tools that give marketing and content teams ownership over their digital strategy can be challenging.

In this talk, Josh Koenig will share stories about how WeOps enables the integration of Drupal with various tools for social media, email, and customer data. He will discuss how to balance the need for standardization with the necessity to accommodate departments or branches with specific requirements, and how to avoid being locked into a singular monolithic approach. This will lead into a conversation with Suzanne Dergacheva about the roles of WebOps, decoupled CMS, AI, and what a Drupal platform might look like in the future.