Drupal's New Brand Reveal

Design Lounge - 1st Floor @ 10:00-10:45 AM


Join us for an unveiling of the exciting new Drupal brand! Let’s delve into the creative journey behind Drupal's fresh, modern look, designed to reflect its dynamic and innovative nature. Our speakers will show how the brand presents Drupal's core attributes: robust, open, powerful, and flexible. Get a taste for the confidence of the new Drupal brand narrative, which is tied to Drupal’s foundation in the open web, but also sets up Drupal to compete with the largest proprietary CMS and DXP products.

The new brand aligns with Promote Drupal’s efforts to highlight the benefits of Drupal to people evaluating Drupal as a CMS or DXP for their organization. By offering a more relatable and fresh visual identity, and a clear brand narrative, it gives us powerful tools to communicate Drupal's strengths and advantages to a broader audience. Learn how we’re planning to roll out the brand to Drupal.org, a marketing toolkit, and more. Learn how you can use the Drupal DAM to get brand assets and help with the rebrand effort. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to see how Drupal brand is evolving!