Beyond WCAG Compliance: Next Steps in your Website’s Commitment to Digital Inclusion


Non-profit, public, and government organizations face heightened accessibility requirements for their websites, driven by a commitment to genuine inclusivity. Demonstrating transparency and accountability, these entities prioritize making information about their programs, services, and missions easily accessible to the public. Beyond mere adherence to accessibility standards, it is crucial for them to surpass these benchmarks to ensure a positive and engaging user experience, with a particular emphasis on creating inclusive content.

Join us a session aligning with our core values and commitment to accessibility. We will delve into essential tools and tactics that empower you to meet the diverse needs of your audiences. These versatile strategies are applicable regardless of your organization's size or budget, whether you are embarking on a full redesign or enhancing your current website. Elevate your efforts to better serve your community and foster a digital environment that reflects genuine inclusivity.

Venez à cette session pour : 

  • Acquire practical knowledge of tools and tactics to take accessiblity beyond accessiblity standards
  • Gain the skills needed to create truly accessible content