This Is not a Drill - Seeing the Real Opportunities Among the AI Hype.

1:30-2:15 PM @ Acquia Event Center


Forget everything you thought you knew about AI. This isn't about robots taking over or algorithms dictating our every choice. The real revolution is subtler, yet far more profound, and it's happening right now. This talk is your wake-up call.

AI is set to inject $15 trillion into the global economy, but the path to these riches and the nature of these changes are not what you might expect.We're diving into the heart of how AI and Language Learning Models (LLMs) are reshaping the very fabric of our organizational systems, communication methods, and daily interactions—across corporations, political landscapes, social structures, and even within our families. This is not about replacing human efforts; it's about augmenting and enhancing our capabilities in ways we've barely begun to understand.

The AI revolution offers an unprecedented opportunity for innovation, efficiency, and connectivity. But to truly be a part of this transformation, we need to shift our perspective. This talk will challenge your preconceptions, broaden your understanding of AI's potential, and show you how to navigate and thrive in this new landscape.This isn't a drill. It's an invitation to open your mind, embrace the unknown, and prepare to be a part of one of the most significant shifts in human history.

AI will change everything—but only if we step beyond the shadow of the past and lean into the future with curiosity, readiness, and a willingness to adapt.