The Future of Drupal Theming

12:10-12:30 PM @ PantheonCommunity Center


Over a decade has passed since Drupal's theme system last underwent a significant rewrite. Despite this, only recently have transformative changes begun to reshape its landscape. This session seeks to unravel these developments and forecast the future, positioning Drupal against giants like Adobe and WordPress, as well as against the tide of modern JavaScript frameworks.

Mike Herchel will give attendees through a comprehensive journey: from the origins of Drupal's theme system, through its recent evolutions, to a peek into what the future holds. Expect to dive into innovative concepts such as single directory components, theme generation techniques, and new Twig filters, all aimed at streamlining and enhancing the theming experience.

But our vision extends beyond the present. We will explore the potential heights Drupal can achieve. How can Drupal transcend mere competition to redefine the standards of open-source CMS excellence? Join us as we chart a vision for a future where Drupal not only competes but dominates in CMS innovation.