Maximizing Reach and Engagement with Corporate Communications Content

2:45-3:05 PM @ Acquia Event Center


“No one better connects the world” is not only a statement of pride for Delta people, it’s also our driving mission. Within Corporate Communications, we exemplify that mission by sharing the news, information and stories of our airline with our audience.Delta News Hub has grown from a press release repository, primarily engaging the working press and media, and is increasingly connecting directly with travelers, customers and like-minded connectors.Our strategy one part content, one part platform.In our content, we’re striving to present information clearly and concisely. We seek opportunities to bring people into our stories to deepen engagment. Multimedia — images and video — augment our storytelling.Our platform works hand-in-hand with our content strategy to elevate the presentation of our content. We aim to make the discovery of more content seamless and natural.In this presentation we’ll share how we’re evolving our site to deepen engagement, foster reach with design, development and content strategies.