From Chaos to Clarity: The Benefits and Challenges of Design Systems

1:30-2:15 PM @ Acquia Room


A design system is a powerful solution for streamlining design workflows and establishing consistency. It allows you to reuse components, saving you time and money while increasing efficiency and reducing errors. It also improves collaboration and communication by acting as a source of truth for all of your teams, including marketing, design, and development.

However, the benefits are only as good as your design system! It’s important to understand that a design system is more than a collection of assets or a library of patterns. Instead, it’s a carefully curated set of standards, style guides, and components used to unify a brand's experience. 

At the end of this session, you’ll understand how to create and scale a successful and sustainable design system. We’ll unravel the complexities and opportunities of this strategic approach so that you can harness its full potential. 

Come along to learn:

  • What a design system is and how it works 
  • About the concrete benefits of an effective design system
  • How to navigate initial adoption hurdles and common pitfalls
  • How to create, optimize, and scale your design system