DIY Website Audit: How to Excel in Selling Your Organization

12:10-12:30 PM @ Acquia Event Center


It is important for prospective clients to experience and embrace your organization's story. A clear focus on improving your web presence is critical to sharing that story with stakeholders and the public to increase conversions, build trust as an industry authority, as well as promote brand awareness.Crucial objectives toward positively impacting conversions are as follows:--Create a heightened user experience that is both enjoyable and easily accessible,--Develop a better navigation funnel to reduce confusion,--Implement a clear content strategy with a more unified voice and messaging,--Update and improve visual presence, using the latest trends and technologies, and--Apply an overall, clear strategic construct.The first step in making your site more marketable is doing a web audit of high-profile marketing pages that are targeted toward prospects, using the following techniques:

--Research----Google Analytics----User behavior analysis----Duplicate content analysis----Competitor analysis--Interpretation----Strengths----Weaknesses----Opportunities----Threats--Recommendations----Leadership----Brand continuity----Communications----Key design and development initiatives----Campus education and training