Ditching SaaS to Develop Our Own Platform

10:50-11:10 AM @ Pantheon Community Center


We're all forced to work within SaaS platforms on a daily basis. It doesn't matter what organization you work for, it seems like there is a new cloud-based application being introduced every other month. But do they really meet the needs of your organization? Have you ever wondered if you could develop something better yourself? At the City of Sandy Springs, we asked ourselves that question, and we decided that we could.

During this session you will learn:
- How the City of Sandy Springs implemented a Drupal-based decoupled data aggregation, management and distribution platform and the benefits that were realized.
- What resonated with stakeholders and management during visioning and how it can help you develop your own pitch.
- How we delivered on our promise during the initial development cycle, and how you can too.